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Welcome to the The 1st Throne – The Kamael: Hellbound Public Test Server! Please use the patch notes below when testing The 1st Throne - The Kamael: Hellbound to read about new features. Reply in this thread for general gameplay bugs you encounter with the game or the patch notes. We appreciate your time!

Player Character Updates

Increased Maximum Level
The maximum level that players can reach on their main class has been increased from level 80 to level 85. The maximum level that players can reach on their subclass has not changed, and is still level 80.

New Main Class Skills
New main-class skills have been added. These new skills are determined by your subclass(es) type. The types of skills that can be acquired by your main class differ depending on your specific subclass and subclass level.

Once you acquire one of these skills, they cannot be changed or deleted. Even if you delete your subclass, the corresponding acquired skill(s) will not be deleted. Your main class can acquire a maximum of 4 specialized skills for each subclass you have. You can acquire a total of 12 specialized skills if you have all three subclasses.

Adding New Skills

The special subclass-determined skills you can acquire are as follows:








Subclass types are categorized as follows:

Skill Reset

Class Type-Specific Transformations

New transformations (normal and rare) have been added. You can use them after you’ve completed the “More Than Meets the Eye” quest and have acquired the skill “Transform – Onyx Beast.”

Normal Transformation Types
Normal transformation types (warrior, magician, etc.) have been added for characters that are levels 70-80. After you obtain the transformation sealbook through hunting, you can acquire the corresponding transformation skill from Avant-Garde, the Transformation Wizard.

Rare Transformation Types
Rare transformation types have been added. These transformations have significantly stronger battle abilities than other transformations. You can acquire the “Transformation Sealbook” by hunting specific raid monsters, and you can acquire the transformation skill by taking the sealbook to Avant-Garde the Transformation Wizard.

The raid monsters that possess the Transformation Sealbooks and the player-character levels required to use them are as follows:


New Pets
All pets can be raised up to level 86. The Pet Manager NPCs now carry a pet raising guide that includes helpful tips and information for raising your pets.

If your summoned Great Wolf is above level 70, you can evolve it into a Fenrir that is mountable by speaking with the Pet Manager NPCs.

Improved Baby Buffalo, Kookaburra, and Cougar

Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir, and Red Dusk/Red Star/Red Wind Strider

System Improvements

Pet Weapon Upgrades
You can upgrade an ordinary Wolf's weapons to a Great Wolf's weapons, and a Great Wolf's weapons to a Fenrir’s weapons through the Pet Manager NPCs.

System Improvements
You can now see your servitor’s or pet’s battle-related messages.

Hunting Grounds

Hellbound – Steel Citadel

Base Tower
The Base Tower is a two-story labyrinth. You must complete the Base Tower in order to enter the Tower of Infinitum, have a certain level of trust with the Hellbound natives.

Tower of Infinitum
The Tower of Infinitum is where the raid bosses Demon Prince and Ranku reside. You can enter the Tower of Infinitum after completing the Base Tower. You must complete the Tower of Infinitum in order to enter Tully's Workshop.

Tully’s Workshop
Tully’s Workshop is where the raid monster Darion resides. It is composed of eight floors, and you must defeat Darion in order to enter the Tower of Naia.

Tower of Naia
The Tower of Naia is where the raid monster "Epidos" and the boss monster "Beleth" reside. The Tower of Naia is a breakthrough-type dungeon where you must complete each section within a certain time limit.


New High-Level Skills
New skills that can be acquired at level 81 have been added. Unlike previous skills, SP is not consumed to learn these new skills. When you double-click on the Forgotten Scroll, the applicable skill is automatically acquired. The Forgotten Scrolls for these new skills drop off of specific boss monsters (Baium, Frintezza, Valakas, and Beleth.)

The new skills, all of which are acquired at level 81, are listed below.
All Classes

All Fighter Classes

Knight Classes

Hell Knight

Phoenix Knight

Eva’s Templar

Shillien Templar

Adventurer, Wind Rider, and Ghost Hunter


Wind Rider

Ghost Hunter


Moonlight Sentinel

Ghost Sentinel



Grand Khavatari




Mystic Muse

Storm Screamer


Arcana Lord, Elemental Master, and Spectral Master


Eva’s Saint

Shillien Saint



Soul Hound

Other New Skills

Skills Acquired through the Skill Trainer NPCs

New Kamael class skills that are below level 80 have been added. These skills can be acquired through the Skill Trainer NPCs.

All Kamael

Berserker and Arbalester

Soul Breaker



Soul Breaker and Inspector

Arcana Lords, Elemental Masters, Spectral Masters, Eva’s Templars, and Shillien Templars who reach level 80 can acquire a new skill called Summon Smart Cubic. A Smart Cubic can fully check its master's condition and cancel every type of debuff.

A song/dance skill that raises resistance to bows has been added. These skills are acquired at level 75.

Sword Muse

Spectral Dancer

A skill that permits battle efficiency by receiving two types of buff effects with just one buff has been added.


Elven Elder

Shillien Elder


Skill Enchanting Changes
The types of skills that can be enchanted have been increased.

Existing Skill Changes

Alliances & Clans



Castle Sieges

Clan Wars

Seven Signs


Siege Participation Level Changes

Clan Level Requirement Changes


Clan Halls


New Quests
A total of 22 new quests have been added. For the new quests that are for levels 30 through 40, if you are 6 levels higher than the quest level, you will incur a reward penalty. The new quests and their details are listed below.

Temple Executor

Temple Missionary

Temple Champion I

Temple Champion II

Shadow Fox I

Shadow Fox II

Shadow Fox III

Fallen Angel – Request of Dusk

Fallen Angel – Request of Dawn

Giant’s Relics Exploration

Nikola’s Cooperation (Consideration)

Nikola’s Cooperation (Contract)

Contract Execution

Contract Completion

Seal Removal

Vain Conclusion

Nikola’s Heart

Lost Dream

Jude’s Request

Matras’ Suspicious Request

Matras’ Curiosity

Law Enforcement – Kamael Third Class Change Quest (Judicator)

Changes to Existing Quests


Weapons & Armor
New top-level S-80 grade weapons and armor have been added.


Dynasty Staff

Dynasty Crusher

Icarus Sawsword

Icarus Heavyarms

Icarus Spirit

Icarus Spitter

Icarus Disperser

Icarus Trident

Icarus Hammer

Icarus Hall

Icarus Hand

Icarus Stinger

Icarus Wingblade

Icarus Shooter


Shirts that are C-grade and above can be exchanged via the fortress Support Unit Captain NPC or the castle Court Magician NPC for shirts with one stat bestowment option (HP, MP, or CP). A shirt's stat bestowment option will only apply when the shirt is enchanted to +4 or more.

You can purchase a new Agathion from the armor merchant in the Giran Luxury Shop. If you happen to purchase an old Agathion, you can double-click on it to receive a reward in place of it.

You can purchase talismans and a C-grade bracelet that can equip talismans in Giran (Jewelry Shop), Rune (Magic Shop) and Aden (Accessory Shop); however, they will not as effective as the talismans you can obtain from a fortress.

C-Grade Weapon & Armor Sales
You can now purchase some C-grade armor from the weapon and armor merchants in Giran, Rune, and Aden. The Luxury Shop has been changed and will now only sell mid-level C-grade weapons and armor.

Other Changes

Monster Parade
A representation of each type of monster and NPC has been added to Fantasy Isle.

NPC Parade
The NPC parade, which takes place several times a day (according to the in-game time), goes through each type of play area on Fantasy Isle, allowing you to explore the wide array of NPC appearances that you have seen throughout the lands of Aden and Elmore. The parade occurs at set times (according to the in-game time). You can see each character's unique appearance depending on whether you see the parade in the day or in the evening.

Underground Coliseum
An Underground Coliseum where you can enjoy a new team battle style of PvP (death match) has been added. You can travel to the Underground Coliseum free of charge via the Fantasy Isle teleport NPC and non-newbie town teleport NPCs.

Registering for the Games

About the Games

Win/Lose Conditions

Types of Coliseums
There are five coliseums in total. The coliseum you are sent to depends on your level.

Interface Changes

Quest Notice Registration Function
A quest tracker has been added to make it easier to check the process of a quest. Select the quest in progress from the quest info window (Alt+U). Press the "Tracker On" button at the bottom of the window to open the tracker—this will allow you to quickly check your progress. You can register up to five quests you wish to track.

Skill Info Window
To make skill management easier, the skills window (Alt+K) has been made more detailed. Passive skills are now categorized under various expandable and collapsible headings rather than in one general “Passive Skills” area.

Bundle Sale
The bundle sale function has been separated from the private store window and has been added as an independent action.

Adjustable Character Display Option
An option (slider) that adjusts the number of characters and NPCs that appear on the screen has been added.

Battle-Related System Message
The battle system message has been improved. It now shows info such as the names of the attackers and defenders, magic information and so on depending on the situation.

An Olympiad notice function has been added to make it easier to watch the Olympiad.