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Parašyta 23-03-2020 06:30
Free News Articles Home Business Education and Schools Free News Articles Product Launches Software Universities Embrace Digital Transformation Through the Adoption of the Tealpass Automated Classroom and Event Check-In Platform Universities Embrace Digital Transformation Through the Adoption of the Tealpass Automated Classroom and Event Check-In Platform
NASHVILLE Gilbert Arenas Big Tall Jersey , Tenn. -- Tealpass, the makers of cloud-based automated Bluetooth check-in technology, announce the availability of its simple, reliable and secure mobile platform solution to increase student retention and success and provide data analytics for better decision making. With Tealpass, the once manually intensive and time-consuming task of taking class and event attendance can be done without professors Isaiah Thomas Big Tall Jersey , staff or students having to take action.

"Tealpass has allowed us to streamline student check-in using mobile phones. Their Bluetooth platform has automated our manual attendance processes for required credit and now allows us to accurately and quickly account for thousands of students in a single event," said Mike Green, Senior Vice President and CIO of Information Technology, Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. "The Tealpass dashboard allows us to easily account for analytical reporting Bradley Beal Big Tall Jersey , and enables us to route the data back into our own student information systems. We chose Tealpass because it's secure, reliable and easy to install and maintain."

Universities are investing in automated proximity check-in technology because data shows that attendance is a precursor to student success. With over 250,000 users since its launch in 2016, Tealpass is accelerating mobile engagement in higher education from small private colleges to large NCAA Division 1 universities and Ivy League schools.

"Research shows that attendance is a critical component to student success and retention, but it is a tedious and time-consuming process John Wall Big Tall Jersey ," said Tim Downey, CEO of Tealpass. "The Tealpass solution solves the problem of the manually intensive process of student check-in with an automated and effortless solution that leverages our everyday mobile devices. The result is enhanced student engagement with a positive impact on student outcomes."

Tealpass is a revolutionary check-in platform powered by BluCycles, a division of ComputeCycles, that makes checking in easier and more seamless than ever.

"Tealpass has created a one-step check in, even in situations where WiFi is spotty. No WiFi Wes Unseld City Edition Jersey , no problem," said Van Simmons, ComputeCycles General Manager. "By using BluCycles' Bluetooth LE technology, Tealpass users can simply pull out their phone and with a single click of a button provide authenticated verification that they were present for an event. The Tealpass solution scales seamlessly from small events with a handful of people, to events with thousands of attendees."

Tealpass has uses for venues and conferences too by eliminating long lines and wait times Michael Jordan City Edition Jersey , so you're in the heart of the action quicker.

Tealpass offers a simple, secure, and reliable mobile phone platform that:
* Turns your student's phones into a check-in tool, improving accuracy and saving time.
* Uses Bluetooth technology to know when a student walks into a room.
* Performance rates of over 18,000 check-ins recorded in under 3 minutes.
* Is secure Juwan Howard City Edition Jersey , simple and can be setup quickly.
* Has a robust dashboard for easy class roster set up and captures FERPA-compliant data analytics.

About Tealpass:

Tealpass is a Bluetooth Low Energy Check-in Platform that allows users to turn their mobile phone into a check-in device. Users can check-in by either waiving their phone over another mobile device such as an iPad, or by tapping a button saying to self-check-in when in the proximity of another Bluetooth device. Tealpass believes that with their Bluetooth Check-in Platform, they can begin the process of eliminating the use and need for Plastic ID Cards.

The Tealpass platform transforms higher-education institutions by allowing professors and event staff to increase their productivity and enhance the student experience. Dedicated to developing a simple, easy-to-implement cloud-based mobile solution, Tealpass brings digital transformation to university campuses by automating student check-in.

To learn more about Tealpass visit https:tealpass.

About BluCycles:

BluCycles is creating the next wave for BLE and sensor Internet of Things (IoT) applications. BluCycles make the complex seem intuitively simple.

With the use of BluCycles' framework Gilbert Arenas City Edition Jersey , the company believes in a concept called the Internet of People (IoP) as opposed to the Internet of Things (IoT). Powerful smart devices which communicate using the IoT's natural language (BLE) are now being carried everywhere by people, not just being attached to Things. These devices carry high-speed internet connections, an impactful array of sensor technology and the ability to authenticate quickly and reliably. Information: blucycles.

*IMAGE for media: Send2Press300dpi17-0802s2p-tealpass-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https:tealpass

This news story was published by the NeotropeĀ® News Network - all rights reserved.

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