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Lineage autorius L2 pvp serveriukas
Lineage narys
Lv 10 Orc Fighter

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L2 rasė:

Parašyta 11-12-2011 22:04

Kviečiu užsukti į PVP linage2 serverį

Taigi serveris startavo Gruodžio 10 dieną 16:00 +2GTM. Laukiami visi kurie mėgsta mass pvp custom pvp serverius

Client: Interlude

Max: +30
Blessed: 95%
Crystal: 100%

Starting level: 80
Npc buffer
Gm shop
Custom shop
99 Buff slot
Auto learn skills
Full working olympiad
Heores changes every Saturday 22:00
Only gludio castle siege
When you die in pvp zone you will be spawned in pvp zone.

Custom items:
Dynasty armors=Epic armors
Dynasty weapons=Epic weapons
Dusk weapons (little better than other weapons) Only from RB
Dark wings=pixy wings
Baium hair

Augument 100%
You can keep only 1 skill at one time

Tik čia aktyvi administracija, kuri visada padės kai tik reikės.


Pagr admin skype: l2royalc6
Patinka ? spausk patinka ! arba +1

Lineage autorius RE: L2 pvp serveriukas
Lineage narys
Lv 20 Ruin Bat

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Parašyta 10-11-2017 10:32
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Lineage autorius RE: L2 pvp serveriukas
Lineage narys
Lv 20 Ruin Bat

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Parašyta 10-07-2018 11:30
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